Loloma Studios

Loloma, meaning Love in Fijian was Founded in-between Melbourne and the Northern Island of Fiji, Loloma is about simplicity in the every day wardrobe.

Each product is made from sustainable practices and envisions individuality whilst emphasising the desire for longevity and stopping mindless consumption. Torika grew up in Fiji and spent a lot of time swimming in the Pacific Ocean. It wasn't long until she started to notice waste washing up on the beach out the front of her house. Keeping in line with the 'ban-the-bag" movement, Torika wanted to provide an alternative to single-use plastic bags and share her art at the same time, and so began Loloma Studios.

Each bag is designed by the founder, Torika Taylor.


Loloma from the Fijian language, meaning Love in English


Loloma Studios envisions sustainable practices, whilst emphasising the desire for slow fashion consumption and artistic individuality.